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gNulife Tips and Tricks
(Most of these tips were written with the Windows XP operating system in mind. With that said, most of them will
apply directly in Vista/Windows7 and many, in principle, to other operating systems like Linux and OS X. Enjoy!)
How to detect scam email       
Right-Clicking on a webpage ...        When a program is stuck ...
Stuffed PC        Testing, Testing
Check Please!        The Administrator
Take Your Pick (of keyboard shortcuts)        R U C-cure?
Minimize Junk Email        Ultimate Power (in Windows Vista)
Share Photos the Right Way        Complete Delete
Close It With Alt+F4            Save Your Writings    
Don't Carbon Copy!        Email Picture Patience
Old But Not Forgotten        So Refreshing!
P@$$w0rd Tips        Gone Phishing
Image Editing for Free with Gimp!        Anti-virus for Free!
Office for Free!        Gnucash for Free!
Wrong Way <-USB-> Right Way        Get Organized! (w/bookmarks)
Something New & Used        Don't Ignore the Warnings
Rule #1        Expanding Your ...
Explore It Your Way        Rename It
Browse Browse Browse Browse Browse        Inkjet Racket
Whois it?        Quick Exit
Unnecessary USB Software        8 Reasons I Use Linux
Saving Time with Alt + Tab        Start Menu Tips
Desktop Shortcut With a Hotkey        PaintBrush - Converting Graphic Files
Lost and Found        PaintBrush - More Tips
Making Alternate Homepage
(with a shortcut)
       PaintBrush - A Quick Tip
Keeping Email Clean & Organized        When You Type Your Password Wrong
Easy Help        Taking Your Favorites With
Using Windows Explorer        Internet On/Off Switch
netoff.txt       neton.txt
Misc. Quick Tips        Change Your Browser's Home Page
Understanding Network (mapped) Drives        Trash Your Cache
(Clean up your browser's temp files.)
Toolbar Views        Getting Rid of Chevrons