Save Your Writings
(Paul Watkins 09/22/09)

    Occasionally my Sweetheart will be typing in something on her store's website and for some reason the dumb thing locks up. Then she has to close the browser, thus losing everything she's already typed, and start all over from scratch. Ahhh!

    I heard someone at work describe a very similar situation where they lost everything they were typing and had to start all over. If you use the computer much, you can probably identify with this. So here's a tip to help you avoid this situation as much as possible.

    First of all, if you are using your word processor to do your typing, make sure you type one letter or one word and then do a "File > Save As" and give your new document a file name. (This saves the file without closing it.) Now that you have saved it once you can save changes every couple of minutes or every couple of paragraphs with the "Ctrl + S" keyboard combination. Most programs use this keyboard combination to save changes to the file. This way, if the program freezes or crashes you only lose what you've typed since your last "Ctrl + S".

    So that's great while using my word processor, but what if I'm typing something on a website? The "Ctrl + S" combo won't work there. So my suggestion is, if you're going to be typing something long enough that you don't want to risk having to type it again do this. Use your word processor to type your document (and use "Ctrl + S" as needed). Once you're done, just copy and paste the whole document into your web application.
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