Don't Carbon Copy
(Paul Watkins 08/17/09)

    When I want to send the same email to everyone in my family, using the "carbon copy" feature is an easy way to send one email to everyone at the same time. But the "carbon copy" feature should be used sparingly. The only time you should use it is when everyone on the list you are mailing to, already has everyone else's email address. You see, when you "carbon copy", everyone the email goes to gets the email address of everyone else you copied the email to. In other words, you're giving out someone else's email address when they may not want you to.

    There is a way to avoid this problem and still copy everyone in one email. It's called "blind carbon copy" or "bcc". All email programs have this feature. When you use "bcc" instead of "cc" the people receiving the email can't see all the other email addresses you've copied to. The bottom line is, unless you have a reason you want everyone to see each other's addresses, use "bcc" instead of "cc".
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