Gnucash for Free!
(Paul Watkins 06/22/09)

    Last week's tip was about the FREE Openoffice program. Well here's another neat and totally free program. It's called "Gnucash" and it's a money management program like Quicken. Quickbooks, or MS Money. In fact you can transfer files back and forth between these programs and Gnucash. Read a good description of the program at their homepage here: If you want to download it go to this site and choose the version for your OS (pick the "...setup.exe" file for Windows).
(links were good as of 06/22/09)

    Unfortunately I can't give you a review of this program cause I don't use any kind of money management app. But if I do someday, it'll probably be Gnucash cause I'm not aware of any better free program of this kind. If you try out this free program and you'd like to send me a brief review, I'd be happy to hear from you.
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