Email Picture Patience
(Paul Watkins 08/24/09)

    Have you ever opened your email and wondered if something was wrong with your internet connection because it was taking so long? So you closed your email and rebooted your computer, then re-opened your email ... but it still seems stalled. Finally, after four or five minutes you see your new mail in the inbox. And there is an email from one of your relatives with some pictures in it. In fact, there are a bunch of pictures!

    Picture files and music files take up a lot more room on your computer than other data files (e.g. word processing files, text files, spreadsheet files, etc.). To demonstrate this I sent myself an email with one line of text and then a second email with one line of text and three average sized pictures. The first email was about 1 kilobyte in size while the second was just over one megabyte. That's 1,000 times larger with just three average size pictures attached. I watched as the second email came in. It only took about 10 or 15 seconds to get into the inbox. But when you're expecting it to pop in like most of your email does, it tends to make you wonder what's going on.

    So this tip is kind of two-fold. 1.) If your email seems to be slow when you open it, wait a while to see if someone just sent you email with a lot of pictures or other attachments. 2.) If you want to send friends and family some pictures via email, send two or three one day, then a few the next day, etc. Don't try and send them all at once. Or use one of those sites like Kodak has where you can upload your pictures and direct your family to that site to view the pics.
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