Gone Phishing
(Paul Watkins 07/27/09)

    Yesterday we got a phone call with an automated message about our credit card. Our caller ID showed the phone number as "12345". And the message never said what credit card they were talking about (at least not before I hung up). It was clear this was not a legitimate call and they were probably phishing for our credit card number(s) or other private info. (Ever heard of Identity Theft?)

    So I thought I'd use this week's tip to be a reminder to be careful of what you get in your email, on your phone, in a popup message, etc., etc. Instead of trying to write a lengthy tip about all this stuff I am deferring to a place I found online that specializes in explaining these types of dangerous things and that keeps track of as many as they can. So this week's tip is to check out a website at wwwdotscamdexdotcom. I deliberately did not make that a link to click on. You'll have to type it in. Remember, what a link says it is, and what it really is, can be two totally different things. (So don't trust email links unless you're sure they are legit. e.g. clicking on this google link will take you to my "Tips" page. Google.com)
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