Expanding Your Horizons Columns
(Paul Watkins 05/04/09)

    This tip was inspired by someone who was looking over my shoulder while I was working on their PC recently. I was working in an application this person uses and one of the windows in the program they use had several columns. Now the column I wanted to see was too narrow to show all the data completely. So I moved my mouse cursor up to the column header, put it between the column I wanted to expand and the column to the right of it. When I got my cursor there, the cursor changed shape to a black plus sign with arrows on the right and left ends. (See the picture below.) Then I just clicked and dragged to the right and the column expanded to the right as I dragged. I dropped it when I had it where I wanted it.
    Most programs in Windows that have columns of information will allow you to do this. If you want to try it, open up "My Computer" (alias "Windows Explorer") and change the view to "Details" if you need to. Then experiment adjusting the width of your columns. Enjoy!

Heb. 10:37-39

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