Misc. Quick Tips
(Paul W. 03/23/07)

  • 1. Windows Key + L - locks your screen

  • 2. Delete files w/o putting them in the Recycle bin by holding down the Shift key as you hit the Delete key.

  • 3. If you accidently delete something in Word or Excel (and some other apps too) that you didn't mean to, use Ctrl + Z to undo your mistake before you make any other changes.

  • 4. Want to insert a CD without having it automatically start it's install process? Hold the Shift key down for 5 to 10 seconds after you insert the CD.

  • 5. Add an application to your Start menu list by right clicking on the applications executable file (e.g. "notepad.exe" for the Notepad application) and choosing "Pin to Start Menu". Right-click again and choose "Unpin from Start Menu" if you want to remove it or Open the Start Menu and right-click on the icon and choose "Unpin from Start Menu".