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    When you buy a new computer it usually comes with Antivirus software. What a relief! ... OR NOT! That antivirus software was only for a trial period. If you haven't paid to have it upgraded, it doesn't stay up to date. So as new viruses come out, you could get infected. (By the way, no antivirus software is full proof.) So what do you do?

    Of course you can pay to get the full version of the anitvirus software. And then pay again next year and/or the year after. (What a racket! It's no wonder some experts [not me necessarily] believe the anitvirus software companies are making a lot of the viruses.) Or you can do what I do. Download a freeware antivirus program. Freeware is free software. Often times a freeware program will be a version that doesn't have all the bells and whistles that their full version has. And you may have to hunt a little bit through the company's website to find their free version.

    Here are a few free antivirus programs that I have found as of today's date. Be careful though. These companies want you to buy their "better" versions. So you may have to look carefully on their website and be careful to click on the right button(s) to get to the really free version.
  • Avast Avast link
  • Comodo Comodo link
  • Avira Avira link
  • AVG AVG link
  • Microsoft Security Essentials MSE link
  •     So if you want virus protection, but don't want to pay for it like me, try one of these antivirus programs. Before you install one of these, though, be sure to uninstall whatever old antivirus program you currently have. And you should also know that antivirus software slows your system down more than a lot of other software. And necessarily so. ... I'm just sayin' ... ;-)
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