Extra Email Address for Junk Email
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    I created another email account for myself that I only use for getting junk email. You'll notice my legit email address below is "pchelp@gnulife.com". But I could create another one like "gunky@gmail.com" or "yucky@hotmail.com" or whatever I can come up with. Then whenever I register for something on the internet that I suspect will be used to send me junk mail, I use this extra email address to register with. I never give this address to anyone else. So the only email I get at this address is advertising and junk email.

    It's very common that Internet Providers allow you to make multiple email addresses. So you may be able to create an extra one there. For instance, my ISP (Internet Service Provider) is Comcast. I have an email address at comcast.net that I never use. So I could use that address to register online when I know they'll probably just use it to send me junk. Obviously if I register at a site that I want to get email from, I use my regular address. Anyhow, it's something you might consider.
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