Image Editing for Free with Gimp!
(Paul Watkins 06/29/09)

    Here is another great program that is totally FREE! It's called "Gimp" and it's a great image editing program. At least from everything I've heard. Personally I've never gotten into image editing beyond what I can do in paint programs. But you can check out a review here or here. The second review has a newer Windows version of Gimp for downloading. Linux users probably already have Gimp installed because most Linux distributions install Gimp by default. But if you want, you can download the latest version from Gimp's sight at

    If you want to see what other people say about Gimp vs. Photoshop, do a Google search on "Gimp vs Photoshop". Ignore the comments form the zealots on both sides and weed out the objective comments for a better understanding of the similarities and differences.
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