Is Your PC Stuffed?
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    How do you feel after a really big meal? After you've stuffed yourself at say, Thanksgiving, do you feel like getting up and running a couple of miles? Probably not. Now how do you think stuffing your PC makes it feel? The difference is, when you add one program after another to your PC, it doesn't digest them and eliminate the waste later. (OK, that's not exactly the picture I wanted to paint. ;) So the more applications you add to your PC, the slower it's gonna get.

    This tip is about checking the list of applications you have installed and getting rid of some of them. WARNING! This tip is for more experienced users. If you don't know what you're doing, get someone who does.

    To see a list of all the applications installed on your PC, click on your start button, then Control Panel, then "Add or Remove Programs" in XP or "Programs and Features" in Vista/Windows 7. After a few seconds you should see a list that looks something like the one below. If your list is as long as this one, I can almost guarantee you don't need all the apps that are installed. To uninstall the ones you don't need, click on them one at a time and choose to uninstall.
Don't forget. If you don't know what you're doing,don't delete anything. Get someone who knows.

A word from God - Heb. 12:1
Get rid of the junk.

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