The Right-Click (in your browser)
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    Have you ever right-clicked on a link in a webpage? If you haven't, you're in for a treat. I probably right-click on links more than I do left-click (the normal click). Why? (You ask.) Because I like to keep the current webpage open and open the link on a new tab in my browser. Then I can go back and forth between browser tabs without having to use the back and forward buttons, opening and closing, and re-opening and re-closing.

    If I want to download a copy of the page that the link goes to, I can choose the "Save as" (or "Save Link as", or whatever your browser calls it.). Or I can "Copy" the address of the link ("shortcut") and paste it into an email or a document, or whatever. Check it out. Experiment and have some fun. And if you want to have more fun, ... right-click on the webpage where there isn't a link and see what options you get.

Hint: You can right-click in all sorts of applications for different options. Not just in your browser.
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