Get Organized (w/Bookmarks)
(Paul Watkins 06/08/09)

    Your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) has a handy tool called "bookmarks" or "favorites". With bookmarks/favorites you can save a page that you want to come back to later and/or repeatedly. (I'll just say "bookmarks" from here on.) I like to play Mahjong and Pyramid Solitaire on-line when I'm waiting for some other task to finish, so I saved them as bookmarks in Firefox. You might want to have Google bookmarked and maybe some other search engines. Maybe you have a website with favorite recipes bookmarked. This is all good and well, but sometimes people have so many bookmarks that it's hardly worth having bookmarks. (you know who you are ;)

    There is a solution. It's called organizing your bookmarks. In Firefox, click on "Bookmarks" on the menu bar and choose "Organize Bookmarks". In Internet Explorer 7, make sure your menu bar is visible (if not, click on "Tools", then "Menu Bar" to make it visible) and click on "Favorites", then "Organize Favorites". From here you can delete bookmarks, make new folders and sub-folders, move bookmarks into folders, etc. etc. It's a filing system. Now when you go to use your bookmarks you'll see the changes you've made and it should be easier to find what you need. Enjoy!
The Great Organizer (Psalm 19)

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