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Seven Reasons I Choose To Use Linux On My PCs.

1. Stability
After 14 years of using Linux I have never had anywhere near the problems, glitches, hang-ups, freeze-ups, etcetera that I have with various versions of MS Windows.

2. Security
When I set up a Windows computer for someone, the first thing I do before or right after getting them connected to the internet, is install antivirus software and spyware. Unfortunately, the antivirus software slows down the PC more and more. I have never installed antivirus software on any of my Linux PCs in the 14 years I've been using Linux. If I've ever been infected, there has never been any evidence of it.
    Besides security breaches from outside, you wouldn't believe how much personal information Microsoft collects off your Windows computer. If for no other reason, this would be the main reason I would use Linux instead of "Big Brother" MS Windows. Watch the video below for a better explanation of this and also for item 5 below.

3. Savings
Linux is absolutely FREE! Let me repeat that in case you didn't hear. Linux is FREE!! And there are tons of Linux applications that are also absolutely free and easy to install right off the internet. You don't have to download them. You just use a built-in utility on Linux to choose the program/programs you want to add and the utility does the downloading and installing of them.
    When you buy a Windows computer, at least $100 of the price is for the licensed version of Windows. And then there are lots of other programs you can pay for, download (or get on a CD/DVD), and then install.

4. Flexibility
Linux can do so much more than other PC operating systems. It can run on the most powerful computers, on computers that are more than 10 years old, and anything in-between. (I recently installed Linux on a 14 year old PC the other day.) It can also be used on tablets and smart phones.
    Lots of large and small companies have been using Linux servers in their offices for decades. I worked at one of the major Airlines a few years ago in their control center where they used Linux servers and Linux desktop computers. About a dozen of these users were the air traffic controllers who communicated with their pilots during their flights. (One of my favorite jobs!)

5. Support
Millions of people all over the world are constantly working on linux to make it better and to help you and I use it. Most of these people aren't paid for it either. This also goes back to the issue of security. Because there are so many developers/programmers all over the world looking at Linux's code, if there were something naughty infecting it, it would normally be caught in a matter of days, if not hours. Compare that to Windows which has a limited number of people working to find security issues. (This video explains this issue better. )

6. Compatibility
Without too much trouble you can use data files from a Windows PC on your Linux PC and visa versa. I do it all the time with Word and Excel files. I use LibreOffice (which is absolutely free) and open up Word files, Excel files, Powerpoint files, etc. I can make any changes I need to, save them in MS format, and open them right up again in MS Office.
    You can install Gimp in Linux to use just like you do Photoshop in Windows. And of course, Gimp is Free! Most of the common programs for Windows (that you pay for), have free counterparts in Linux. And if you really need to, you can use the "Wine" utility in Linux to run a Windows program on your Linux computer. (Not all Windows programs, but lots.)

7. Variety
There are so many different distributions (versions) of Linux to choose from. And someone is always working on a new one. Different distributions are made to work better on different computer devices. Quite a few are designed specifically to work on older computers. (Check out these two links for a list of various Linux distros.)
  • Distrowatch
  • Wiki Linux List

    So if you have an old computer and don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for a new "Big Brother" Windows computer, give me a call and I can refurbish your old computer with Linux for just the cost of my time to install Linux and transfer all your files (pics, videos, music, documents, etc.).
    Call Paul Watkins at 815-981-1182 or email

    P.S. - Apple's OSx operating system is actually based off of Unix just like Linux is. But it is definitely NOT free. And if you go the Apple route you'll spend a whole lot more than with a Windows computer. Let alone, than with Linux.